Collection: Cecilia Baumann

🌿 Welcome Plant Lovers!

We are delighted to present Cecilia Baumann's insightful book, "21 Indoor Plants for Cat & Dog Lovers: Growing Houseplants that are Safe for Your Cats & Dogs." This exceptional guide is a must-have for all pet owners who also have a passion for indoor gardening.

Cecilia Baumann's expertise shines through as she provides invaluable knowledge on cultivating a variety of indoor plants that not only enhance your living space but are also safe for your beloved furry companions. With her guidance, you can create a vibrant indoor garden without worrying about the well-being of your pets.

Discover the joy of nurturing houseplants that bring life and beauty to your home while ensuring the safety of your cherished cats and dogs. "21 Indoor Plants for Cat & Dog Lovers" is a comprehensive resource that empowers you to cultivate a pet-friendly indoor oasis.

Join us in embracing the harmony of nature and pet companionship with Cecilia Baumann's expert advice as your companion.

Happy planting!

Image of Cecilia Baumann author of 21 Indoor Plants for Cat & Dog Lovers.